We’re changing the legal industry

By changing the culture that we work in.

Join our award-winning team as we lead the legal industry in providing a better legal experience.

So, why does culture matter and why should you work at Winright Law?


So, why should you work at Winright Law?

We built an environment that allows our employees to focus on their mission and collaborate with each other.

  • Open concept work space
  • Regular social events
  • Career growth, learning, and development

Most importantly, we believe in you and it is our aspiration for you to achieve every goal you set for yourself.​

We asked our team to tell us why Winright Law is such a great place to work.

From the beginning, our first priority has always been to do right by our client. Gone is the typical hierarchical structure where new juniors rank at the bottom of the food chain – everyone in our organization is treated equally and can rise to the top. Because talent and customer experience sits atop our pyramid.

At Winright, we believe that happy customers are shaped by happy employees, and that happy employees are shaped by a great company culture. As such, it is our aspiration to build a workplace environment rivaled only by the likes of Zappos and Google. Though the law may be serious business, not everything has to be. We are adamant that our employees should feel comfortable working with us, rather than for us.

At Winright, we work hard to foster an open-minded, positive, and friendly work environment— we even have a designated Community Manager whose job it is to ensure that we stay true to this. Our open concept office layout encourages communication and interaction between every member of our staff, regardless of position. We value what our employees have to say and always accept the input of our team members at face value. Contact us to learn more about our company and what we can offer you.

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Intern/Volunteer with Winright Law

A summer internship at Winright is a terrific way to learn the ins and outs of the legal industry, day to day responsibilities, build your network, and get real-world experience before graduation. You can figure out the area of interest that you wish to pursue as your career after law school.

We also accept applications from students or volunteers that are interested in going into law school all-year round. Internships and Volunteer opportunities are a great way for you to gain valuable insight into the professional lives of attorneys and judges. 

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And, why NOT big law?

You won’t find oak, leather and closed office doors at Winright Law. We are not BIG law, but we are big innovators. Our open concept workplace, focus on teamwork, inclusion and staff development and always exceeding client expectations put us on the leading edge of how legal services will be delivered in the future.

Not BIG but better. Ask the people who work here. Better yet, ask our clients.

Ready to join the Winright family?