What does it mean to work at Winright Law?

A Flat Organization

It is as flat an organization as a big organization can be. You will be treated as if you’ve been a legal assistant or lawyer from the first day you start. It won’t matter if you’ve been there ten weeks or ten years, in comparison to your raw talent and customer service skills.

If you’re good at what you do and live our mission to lead, inspire and create a better legal experience, you’re a natural fit for Winright.

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Our Four Values Create A Different Work-Place Culture

We enjoy work, but work hard.

You’ll be working in a different work-place culture: vibrant and fun, but ambitious and hard-working.

We are generous and give value, always.

All our team members look to be generous with their time and knowledge and consistently want to give value, both to you and all of our clients. In turn, we ask that you do the same to new team members and to clients, always.

We are effective because we think differently.

We’ve noticed that anyone invited to join Winright is cut from a different thread than the norm. All of us think differently than the norm, and that’s better than normal; that’s what we want. Because we found that often in being effective at what we do, to lead the pack, it requires someone to think outside of the box.

We collaborate because we do right by you

Finally, we always aspire to do right by our clients, which means making sure that our collective minds contribute to decisions, because we’ve realized that a room of smart people is better than one person alone. So, a lot of our decisions are made in collaboration with others, to give our clients the best possible outcome.

Ready to join the Winright family?