Winright - Students

Winright - Students

At Winright Law, we appreciate and are grateful for the students that we invite to join and join Winright Law.

It is our hope that we can provide our students with skillsets that you cannot learn in school and that will jumpstart their career that will help them grow personally and lead them to a life that is more fulfilling. To do so, we are committed to providing our students with every opportunity to learn, grow and stretch to the highest level of their ability and potential.

At Winright, we believe that happy customers are shaped by happy employees, and that happy employees are shaped by a great company culture. As such, it is our aspiration to build a workplace environment rivaled only by the likes of Zappos and Google. Though the law may be serious business, not everything has to be. We are adamant that our employees should feel comfortable working with us, rather than for us.

At Winright, we work hard to foster an open-minded, positive, and friendly work environment— we even have a designated Community Manager whose job it is to ensure that we stay true to this. Our open concept office layout encourages communication and interaction between every member of our staff, regardless of position. We value what our employees have to say and always accept the input of our team members at face value. Contact us to learn more about our company and what we can offer you.

Who Are Our Students?

We have three categories of WINRIGHT – STUDENTS

Students of Law

Typically students who are currently in law school, have completed law school, or are learning to be legal assistants or paralegals.

Dependent on the number of Students of Law at that time, Students of Law are either placed in a rotation between solicitor’s work and litigation, or if no other Students of Law are part of the law firm at that time, then Students of Law are given a less structured approach and their work is based on needs of the law firm at that time.

Students of Business

Typically students who are enrolled in or have experience or interest in certain business areas of the law firm, particularly marketing, business development, operations, accounting, finance, HR, or tech.

Students of Business generally are placed into a business group of their particular interest where a manager and other team members involved in that group brainstorm and collaborate on ideas.

Summer Intern

Typically students who are in high school or undergraduate studies and want to have basic office administrative experience.

Student Interns join our administrative team to help with basic office duties, client intakes, and areas that require administrative assistance at that time. This is a great introductory position for students who are potentially interested in pursuing a law firm placement in the future but would like a temporary placement to see what it entails.

What to Expect

Our Mentorship Program

Placements range depending on the student category you are applying for.

For Students of Law and Students of Business, we request students only apply if they have at least 2 months + of availability on a full time or part-time basis.

For Student Interns, we request students only apply if they have at least 2 weeks + of full time availability.

The above minimum time availability is required so that we can train, mentor and provide guidance to students, and in turn, students can have the time to become an active participant at our law firm and get the experience they are seeking.

Our goal is to provide a better idea of what the legal industry is like and to see if the legal industry is the right fit for them, but also whether our law firm is the right law firm for them. In turn, we want to meet the next generation of prospective lawyers or team members that may become the future leaders of our industry, which means only the most hardworking, diligent, and aspiring will be interviewed.

Time permitting, new mentees should expect the following:

Orientation, Training, and Project Outline – 1st day to 1st week

Any project outline will at least include one larger project, several mini projects and day to day tasks. 

Meet and Greet with Student and Firm Members 

This will offer an opportunity to ask our team members what to expect in law school, what life is like as a lawyer day to day, or what it’s like to work at Winright

Conclusion of Mentorship Program

At the end of the mentorship program, students will be provided constructive feedback as well as requested to provide feedback on their time with us.

We want this to be an opportunity for students to continue their relationship with our law firm, and vice versa, so students should be feel free to exchange contact information with team


Student Testimonials

Kelvin Lai

I was a 2015 summer student with Winright Law. During my time at the firm, I completed two rotations in litigation/solicitor work and conveyancing. It was an invaluable and enriching experience that I genuinely enjoyed.

I was able to experience a variety of different legal areas and better understand the function of law in everyday life and its effect on clients, as opposed to law school where it is mainly theory and case-based.
Initially, I was attracted to the innovative approach of Winright Law. Winright Law is a “New Law” type of law firm – meaning the way clients are charged or the culture of the firm is different from your traditional type of law firms (known as “Old Law”). I was intrigued by this new approach and decided to apply for the summer student position. After a couple of interviews, I was taken on as a summer student.

The Good:
Two weeks into my position, I was assigned a multi-million dollar property assessment appeal case. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated and nervous to take on such a case so early. However, the firm provided a lot of support and ensured I was comfortable with the tasks I was given, such as conducting legal research to preparing arguments and supporting evidence.

Besides this case, I was exposed to a variety of other legal matters. For example, I helped draft contracts and exclusivity agreements, incorporated companies, drafted separation agreements, drafted documents for purchase and sale of businesses and real estate transactions, and witnessed the signing of wills.
Even as a summer student, I felt valued at the firm. For example, I was consulted on hiring and other business decisions. My work was appreciated and recognized, and my colleagues were nice and supportive – they did not hesitate to lend a helping hand when I needed assistance.

Also, I was invited by the firm to a few networking events. These events were fun (with great food!) and provided the opportunity to meet interesting people from different industries.

The Bad:
It is difficult to pinpoint something “bad” about my experience at the firm. If I had to choose one thing, it would probably be the steep learning curve at the beginning. That being said, I was given a lot of support and received constructive criticism for my work.

Bottom Line:
I am really thankful for the opportunity that I was given. I would recommend Winright Law to anyone – whether for legal services or for employment.

Morris Choy

I could not have asked for a more rewarding summer experience than my summer at Winright Law. I was constantly challenged by the work assigned to me, and was always expected to deliver high-quality results. While I was exposed to all aspects of the firm’s practice, including both litigation and solicitor’s work, I was encouraged to focus on my interest in business and real estate law. In particular, I had the opportunity to assist in revising and drafting share purchase agreements and commercial lease agreements, as well as advise clients with their business and legal questions. Both during formal reviews and informal conversations, I was asked about my expectations and goals, and was in turn offered advice and feedback.

A distinct advantage of being a summer student at Winright Law is the opportunity to work on multiple stages of a file, sometimes from beginning to end. I was brought into initial client consultations and followed through with legal research, drafting, negotiations, meetings and finally the deliverables to the client. Being involved in the entire process gave me a complete understanding of each file and what lawyer work entails. Such a comprehensive experience is something taken for granted as a summer student at Winright, but may not be available in a larger firm setting.

The progressive, collegial culture of the firm is what makes it a great place to work and a great place to learn. An open-concept office meant I always felt comfortable asking lawyers or staff at the firm for help. I could always rely on getting quick answers to my questions when I posed them to lawyers sitting across from me or through our internal messaging system. Although I was given a great deal of autonomy on my files, I never felt isolated and I always had the support of my colleagues. It would be inaccurate to say Winright has an open-door policy; there are no doors to begin with.

Working at Winright Law is exciting, challenging, and enriching. I would recommend any student who is self-motivated, hard-working and entrepreneurial to submit an application to the firm.

Rachel Li

I consider myself very fortunate to have spent my summer with Winright Law for the experience was tremendously enriching. From my first day at the firm, I immediately felt welcomed into the team. The work environment at Winright Law is very dynamic, friendly and supportive, which makes each day at the firm a great pleasure. The lawyers and staff are enthusiastic about providing advice and sharing their knowledge.

I gained valuable insight and knowledge of legal practice through extensive training in different practice areas. The rotation system is an excellent way to familiarize with day-to-day management of legal matters and build relationships with coworkers in a specific field. In fact, I was frequently provided guidance for hands-on work and encouraged to attend client meetings and phone calls. The supervisors really wanted to make each student’s summer educational and enjoyable.

What really sets Winright Law apart is its culture of respect between colleagues at all levels and the ever-positive attitude of its personnel. Constructive feedback is regularly given to everyone and this allows the team to grow together and look for new solutions. Winright Law is a non-traditional law firm with innovative office concept that stimulates people to exchange ideas and this creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and is able to excel in his or her work.

Steven Rehberg

After graduating university with a business degree, I can honestly say that the last place I expected to end up was at a law firm.  From my first day, however I soon realized that Winright Law is not just any law firm- it is an innovative business that happens to practice law as well.

Winright Law takes care of its customers, empowers its employees, and utilizes innovative practices better than most other businesses.  Although they take their work very seriously, the office is an easy environment to work in.  No birthday goes uncelebrated, every win is applauded, and afternoon barbeques are the regular.  It is the company’s goal to build a culture that rivals the likes of Google or Zappos, and the firm is well on track.

The team at Winright feels more like a family than a group of coworkers- honestly.  How often can you say that about a group of people, and get paid to be around them all day?  Despite my being one of the few in the office not working within the legal field, Winston and the rest of the Winright team made me feel involved and included, at all times.

During my time at Winright, I had the opportunity to work directly with Winston, the firm’s founder, on a regular basis.  As a marketer, this was extremely helpful as it allowed me to truly understand the brand that I was trusted to help guide.  At Winright, the same guidance is offered to every other employee as well, whether from Winston himself or one of the firm’s knowledgeable senior lawyers.  Even as a non-legal professional, it was clear to me just how positively such mentorship arrangements benefitted the junior legal staff and students.  As such, I believe that Winright Law not only provides its staff with every opportunity to succeed on a personal level, but with every opportunity to grow and develop professionally as well.

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